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Streamline each element of your business-critical technology with our hands-on project, 咨询, and managed IT services in 纽约 and on Long Island.

Allow Converged Technology Group to optimize your IT initiatives for improved efficiency surrounding everything from initial deployment to on-going support. Engaging our services means streamlining all of your business processes, existing IT environment, 用户需求, and long-term business goals all from one source.

Our team of experts leverages both industry and manufacturer best practices to resolve your complex IT needs head-on. Our goal is to provide a powerful, ROI-oriented technology solution through our 24x7x365 IT support. We specialize in helping organizations of all sizes by providing fully outsourced managed IT services, ag真人游戏厅, and IT 咨询 services in 纽约. to help them reach their short and long-term business goals by employing cutting-edge, 降低成本, and performance-enhancing technologies.

Converged Technology Group offers a comprehensive selection of fully-integrated 360-degree solutions that will help your business succeed:


Tap our team of implementation experts to act as an extension of your internal IT staff, or as an outsourced IT team, to extend your resources on critical, leading edge IT initiatives.

Assist360° 管理IT支持

The core of our offering, 管理IT支持, provides comprehensive, fully outsourced managed IT support for organizations headquartered in the 纽约, 停课. We recommend Assist360 管理IT支持 for organizations ranging from 15-75 users.

Assist360 Co-Managed IT Support

Technology has become vital for the daily operations of commercial enterprises, requiring full support 24 hours a day, 一周7天, 一年365天. Converged Technology Group’s Assist360 cloud-based managed services provide monitoring, 积极的管理, and on-demand support for organizations across Long Island and 纽约. Our Assist360 service provides these organizations with full-proof reliability, 可访问性, 和内心的平静, all without putting unnecessary strain on your internal IT staff.

We’re fully committed to providing everything from high-touch guidance to project implementation and IT support for Long Island, 纽约, and organizations in the 停课. Following the completion of the project, our service delivery team always ensures a seamless transition to ongoing internal support.

Contact Converged Technology Group today to discuss how we can best serve your technology needs for today and tomorrow.

We’re committed to providing active, high-touch guidance from initial design to implementation and operational phase services. After the project is successfully completed, our service delivery team ensures a seamless transition to ongoing support.

Engage with Converged Technology Group today and we’ll help you determine how we can best serve your technology needs.

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